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(Français) Que visiter à Tours et dans ses environs ?

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(Français) La chance pour fêter 25 ans d’amitié..

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The tourist complex consists of two parks with topics – the park Disneyland and the park Walt Disney Studios – as well as of hotels and golf.

Length of itinerary  : 3h.

Le Parc Astérix

The Park Astérix is a complex consisting of a park with topics and a hotel opened on April 30th, 1989 and managed by the group of free time CDA Parks since 2002. The theme park is dedicated to the world of the Uderzo and Goscinny comic strip: Astérix.

Length of itinerary  : 3h.

Le Futuroscope

The Park of Futuroscope is a park with topics charm of which is based on the multimedia and film, broadcasting techniques and innovative robotics. It is located in the department of the Vienne, 10 kilometres north of Poitiers, on the villages of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou.

Length of itinerary : 1h20.

Le son et lumière de Semblançay

Semblançay organizes a show every summer sound and light, The legend of the source, which participates in the reputation of the village in the region.

In Semblançay, 15 km north of Tours, is introduced every summer, the big historical fresco of Touraine. About 10 000 audience succeeds one another every year, since 1992, to follow show.

Of Gallo-Roman period in Revolution Frenchwoman, in the park of the home of Jacques de Beaune, superintendent of finances of François 1st, Honoré Pottier and his grandson Benjamin make come alive again the chronicle and The legend of the Source.

Length of itinerary  : 15 min.

Le Puy Du Fou

The Puy du Fou is a theme park with historical themes. It is in 2011 the fourth theme park in France by its company annuelle1 with about 1,5 million visitors a year. Located in Vendée, this is also the place of nocturnal show taken care by volunteers redrawing family the chronicle of Vendée across destiny of: Cinéscenie2. They find an idealized vision in this show social general agreement which would have characterized historical Vendée.

Length of itinerary  : 2h20


Villandry is a French village of the department Indre-et-Loire, in the region Center.

Length of itinerary  : 50 min.


The castle of Ussé is in Rigny-Ussé, in Indre-et-Loire (region Centers, France). It is part of castles of the Loire. This castle is a private domain, opened to visit. It is up to the 7th duke de Blacas.

It makes the object of a classification as ancient monuments since 15th April 1931.

Length of itinerary  : 1h.


The castle of Chenonceau is located in the village of Chenonceaux in Indre-et-Loire (France). It is part of castles commonly called the castles of the Loire. Built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet, prettified by Diana de Poitiers then Catherine de Médicis, saved during French Revolution by Louise Dupin, it is also called castle of the Ladies.

Castle furnished, decorated with rare tapestries and ancient painting, decorated with flowers every season, it’s the private ancient monument most visited by France, set by several gardens, a park and a wine domain.

Length of itinerary  : 1h.